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Our customers tell our story best because they know how much Weed Man Lawn Care Roswell cares about the appearance and health of their lawns. Read what other Weed Man customers have to say about their Weed Man “exceptional” experience.

"Weed Man, thank you for your quick response. Most companies you speak with today do not have such great customer service. I appreciate it very much."

- Ms. Lauren R., Cumming, GA

"Great Job! We've seen such improvement in our lawn this summer. I took your advice and it has worked out well."

- Mr. John W., Roswell, GA

"Just a note to the office: my Weed Man technician is always very courteous and nice. I had a question about what I thought was a disease in my lawn, he took the time to explain in detail how the spores spread and what conditions favor disease. I understand much better now than I did, and ordered disease applications. I have had two applications so far this summer and WOW, what a difference. My fescue looks better than it ever has."

- Ms. Dana Z., Marietta, GA

"Thank you for leaving the helpful notes about watering and disease. Your technician is are always so polite and helpful!"

- Ken P., Canton, GA

"We were referred to you by our neighbors. Their lawn always looked so wonderful. I just wanted to say thanks for making our lawn one of the best on the street as well. This is the best our lawn has ever looked!"

- Rick S., Woodstock, GA

"I core aerated my Bermuda this year as recommended, and it has made a big difference in my Bermuda this summer. Your office manager talked with me about the benefits, and I would like to be scheduled for this service every spring. Thank you very much."

- John J., Alpharetta, GA

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