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Training Your Dog for the Yard

Getting Your New Addition Ready for Outdoor Play

Is one of your holiday gifts soft and furry with a tail that wags? Many Roswell families will experience the excitement of welcoming a new pup to the family this festive season. In addition to the extensive house training you’ll likely be doing in the weeks and months ahead, you’ll also need to focus on getting your new pet ready for the great outdoors. Weed Man Lawn Care Roswell, GA has put together a few quick and easy tips to help ease the transition for you, your lawn, and your new furry friend.

1. Teach Fido to use a designated area of the yard to do his business.

Dog urine contains soluble salts, urea, and other compounds that can cause extensive damage to the lawn, giving it an unsightly, burnt appearance. Weed Man Roswell, GA recommends encouraging your pet to relieve himself away from any grassy areas. Sections of the yard that feature mulch or soil are a good alternative. When you take your dog outside for the first time, use a leash and guide him to the exact area you’ve selected for bathroom breaks. The next time you go out, take him to the same section of the yard. Soon your pup will be naturally inclined to return to “his” place every time he’s let outside. If your dog does have an accident on your lawn, water down the area immediately. This will dilute any urine spots and reduce the risk of damage.

Dog Playing in Yard

2. Build a dog house.

The yard can be a scary place, especially for a brand new puppy. The combination of new sights, sounds, and smells can be overwhelming for a small pet just getting the lay of the land. A dog house can provide a safe haven for a nervous animal that may need a bit of comfort as he gets adjusted to his new environment. Stock your dog house with toys, treats, and blankets for warmth.
Dog in backyard dog house

3. Spend time with your dog outdoors.

You are your dog’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. There’s no better way to help your puppy transition to new surroundings than by joining in on the fun. Head outdoors with your pup in tow and toss around a tennis ball, stick, or Frisbee, no matter the weather. Reward good behavior with positive reinforcement and a treat. This will teach your pup how to play outside without causing damage to your lawn or becoming a neighborhood nuisance.
Playing Fetch in the Backyard

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