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Lawn Guide: Buying House In Winter

What to Ask About Your Lawn?

Are you thinking of buying a new home this winter? Purchasing real estate when the cooler weather hits can be tricky, especially if the lawn has gone into dormancy or is covered by a layer of snow. To make sure you’re getting everything you desire in a property, Weed Man has put together a list of key questions to ask your agent while shopping around. Read on below!

“Is there a Home Owner’s Association?”

This question may not seem entirely related to lawn care, but it can be. Many HOAs have strict rules when it comes to caring for turf, including how often the lawn must be mowed, watered, or treated. If this type of third-party involvement doesn’t align with your lawn care goals, it’s better to find out before it’s too late.

“Can I See a Picture of the Home from the Spring/Summer?”

If possible, get your hands on an image of the home from seasons past, as this can provide you with important information that may otherwise go undiscovered. You’ll be able to find out what kind of shape the lawn is in (is it overrun with weeds? Is it bare in places?), whether or not the neighbors are concerned with curb appeal, and you may even get a clearer picture of where your property boundaries are located. There’s no harm in asking, and you may just be surprised at what you find.

“Did the Previous Owners Have a Dog?”

Dog urine can cause extensive damage to turf grasses. While this may not be a deal breaker when investing in a new home, it can help you be prepared the state of your lawn come springtime. You’ll be able to schedule fertilizer and seeding or sodding to help get your lawn back into shape when it really counts.

“Does Weed Man Service this Neighborhood?”

If you want a lawn you can take pride in, then proactively securing professional care before spring arrives is the smartest move you can make for the health of your turf. Finding out what’s available in your local area before you purchase can save you the headache (not to mention time and money!) later on.

Ready to put an end to buyer’s remorse? Ask the right questions when shopping for a new home this winter and keep unwanted springtime surprises at bay
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